TOJam 2018: Soul Train

Screenshot of "Soul Train"
“Soul Train” by Max Manco, Laura Klamot, Sedona Parnham & Matt Carr. If you fancy bad puns about bones and want to support the journey of six undeads through different cemeteries, then this jam game is waiting for …
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Screenshot of "ARCADE OVERFLOW"
“ARCADE OVERFLOW” by Remco Burema. “Play with multiple games at once, except they all ‘listen’ to the same keys. […] Games are paused when no key is pressed.“ While many arcade games followed a simple game design and control …
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Global Game Jam 2017: KHROMA

Screenshot of "KHROMA"
“KHROMA” by Bernardo Alvarez Braga, Gabriel Tiburski Júnior, Lucas Corrêa & Luciano Farias Puhl. “A 3D [platformer game] where you adjust the frequencies of your power gloves so you can see different objects with distinct wave lengths. Go for the …
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Global Game Jam 2017: Lost Resonance

Screenshot of "Lost Resonance"
“Lost Resonance” by Scot Daniel Burns, Jennifer Thornton, Thomas Salgarella & Atolm. “Emerging from the depths of the amphitheater wielding the violin of resonance, the player will solve puzzles […] to activate the sound amplification crystals […] in order …
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Ludum Dare 34: Sort the Court!

Screenshot of "Sort the Court!"
“Sort the Court!” by Graeme Borland, Amy Gerardy & Bogdan Rybak. “You play a king who’s in charge of all kinds of important decisions. Give your decree in simple yes or no answers, and help the kingdom grow! …
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Ludum Dare 34: Button Betting

Screenshot of "Button Betting"
“Button Betting” by torcado. “You find yourself trapped, chained to a desk with [two buttons] in front of you. Play through each of the challenges to get to the [money game], then bet your hands off trying to [get …
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Ludum Dare 34: Milgram

Screenshot of "Milgram"
“Milgram” by Kortuga. “[A] game about pressing one button or the other button. There are three endings to find.” Inspired by the psychological experiment that actually happened, “Milgram” shows off an excellent work on the whole narration (especially …
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Ludum Dare 34: Sickle & Sword

Screenshot of "Sickle & Sword"
“Sickle & Sword” by Muhammad Siddeek. ​“Two people are lost in the desert. Will they survive the wilderness?” “Sickle & Sword” is sort of splendid in its simplicity. It is a (story-driven) survival strategy game, which offers just …
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