Magical Girl Game Jam 1: Sylvie

Screenshot of "Sylvie"
“Sylvie” by Toffee & Miredly. “[You are] part of an evil-hunting squad, but recently your partner has gone missing while out on a contract. This is a very short platformer where you hack and slash your way through a cult hideout and face …
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And yet it hurt

Screenshot of "And yet it hurt"
“And yet it hurt” by Daniël Haazen. “[A] game about a kid who lived a peaceful and happy life with two lovely parents. All was well, until that fateful day when the tower bell rang. Since that day, this …
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Ludum Dare 42: Writespace

Screenshot of "Writespace"
“Writespace” by larkinia, Lena Schimmel, flauschzelle & Sebastian Morr. “[You are] exploring a haunted house and find a strange parchment scroll. When you touch it, something terrible happens: [You are] turned into a typewriter! Use your surroundings …
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Ludum Dare 40: Moubal

Screenshot of "Moubal"
“Moubal” by Tilmann Hars. “Balance boxes over hilly terrain.” In the wonderfully minimalistic and probably infinite physics game “Moubal” you have to transport at least one box per level to the finish line. In the first level you start …
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LÖVE Jam: Stray

Screenshot of "Stray"
“Stray” by rxi. “Stray” is a mysterious dungeon crawler game, where you have to find keys for several doors to proceed. That might sound like a pretty average game, but some secrets are hidden in this temple-like cavern. There …
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GBJAM 5: Shuriken

Screenshot of "Shuriken"
“Shuriken” by rxi. “An action platformer[.]” While “Shuriken” is a pretty small action platformer, it surely is challenging and well-crafted. The core mechanic is that you have got three throwing stars to attack and defend yourself. But be careful, …
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Ludum Dare 34: SpaceHex

Screenshot of "SpaceHex"
“SpaceHex” by Daniël Haazen. “Create your own space station[.]” Up for a tough, challenging real-time strategy game? In “SpaceHex”, you have to figure out the best working combination of six different room types to build a mining space station. …
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