#LOWREZJAM 2018: Meteorite

Screenshot of "Meteorite"
“Meteorite” by bauxite. “Explore a facility on a far away planet, find gun upgrades, and upgrade your movement capabilities to surpass previously unsurmountable obstacles.” “Meteorite” is a metroidvania inspired by “Metroid Prime”, which gets played from the first-person …
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#LOWREZJAM 2018: Legend of Xenia 3D

Screenshot of "Legend of Xenia 3D"
“Legend of Xenia 3D” by Anders Pedersen, Jan Vorisek & John Wesley. “Tiny first-person “[The Legend of Zelda”]-like with a resolution of just [sixty-four to sixty-four] pixels.” “Legend of Xenia 3D” impresses with its successful implementation of a first-person …
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