Ludum Dare 21: BATHOS

Screenshot of "BATHOS"
“BATHOS” by Johan Peitz. Let us just say for now that “BATHOS” nailed the theme of the twenty-first edition of the Ludum Dare, which was “Escape”, in a stunning way. Go ahead and figure out why by playing it …
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Ludum Dare 21: and just like that

Screenshot of "and just like that"
“and just like that” by Ben Burbank. “I wanted to build something that tries to explain why I would spend [forty-eight] hours writing script and making crude pixels, why I would quit my steady job making AAA games to …
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Ludum Dare 21: / ESCAPE \

Screenshot of "/ ESCAPE"
“/ ESCAPE \” by Incredible Ape (Josh Schonstal & Ian Brock) & Guerin McMurry. “/ ESCAPE \” is an endless jumper game with an one button control scheme. You can just jump from one side to another, but …
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Ludum Dare 21: Still Dreaming

Screenshot of "Still Dreaming"
“Still Dreaming” by┬áStefan Bachmann. “The player is faced with a variety of puzzles and hopefully will get a bit of laugh out of trying to escape this weird dream.” The pixel art that “Still Dreaming” includes looks lovely …
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