Ludum Dare 22: Last breath

Screenshot of "Last breath"
“Last breath” by Sébastien Bénard. “The story of a dog trapped between life [and] death.” You play as a dog and you want to collect all the red balls in a cave. But who the heck is that shadow …
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Ludum Dare 22: /follow

Screenshot of "/follow"
“/follow” by Sylvère Armange, Carduus & Hallouin Mathieu. “You like to be alone, but this bodyguard won’t let you breathe… Escape and enjoy your quiet moments.” That escalated quickly! “/follow” features interesting little puzzles and platformer-like stages, combined …
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Ludum Dare 22: Stray Whisker

Screenshot of " Stray Whisker"
“Stray Whisker” by Andrew Sum. “There is one ending and one [secret].” Your owner abandoned you. But can you really let her go, just like that? No, of course not. “Stray Whisker” is a wonderful game. There are some …
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