Ludum Dare 25: ASMOSNOS

Screenshot of "ASMOSNOS"
“ASMOSNOS” by Mason Lindroth. “[A] futuristic story of betrayal, planetary annihilation, and dancing crazy.” I adore Mason Lindroth’s style, not only in the meaning of the visuals. Get ready for a beautifully strange, nearly surrealistic experience that “ASMOSNOS” will …
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Ludum Dare 25: Mad Princess

Screenshot of "Mad Princess"
“Mad Princess” by Jussi Simpanen. “[A] tower defen[s]e type of game. You control the princess, who uses blood as currency, to set up different traps from spiky floors to crossbow sentries to kill the invading heroes!” Damsel in distress? …
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Ludum Dare 25: The Quite Annoying League

Screenshot of "The Quite Annoying League"
“The Quite Annoying League” by Pierre Corbinais. “You need to strongly bother your victims, but just not enough to allow them to reproach you anything.” This point’n’click adventure called “The Quite Annoying League” is just hilarious. Be annoying, but …
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Ludum Dare 25: TYRANOFORCE

Screenshot of "TYRANOFORCE"
“TYRANOFORCE” by Max Kaufmann & Frederic Tarabout. “[A]n intrepid hero is after you. Send your countless minions after him in a reversed bullet hell shoot ‘em up style game.” I like the concept of a reversed shoot’em up: In …
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Ludum Dare 25: The Cards Never Lie

Screenshot of "The Cards Never Lie"
“The Cards Never Lie” by saguaro. “Solve the crime using your fake psychic powers and some old-fashioned snooping.” The dialogues of “The Cards Never Lie” are extremely well-written and give this detective game a wonderful noir vibe. Also I like…
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