Ludum Dare 26: Budget Squad

Screenshot of "Budget Squad"
“Budget Squad” by Sébastien Bénard. “[The ship] Minnie has a [lamp] and she is [invincible,] […] Malism has the [gun], but no light, and only [one] life!” The pixel art in “Budget Squad” wonderful and amazing, the gameplay pretty …
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Ludum Dare 26: Lunar Rain

Screenshot of "Lunar Rain"
“Lunar Rain” by Stefan Srb. “A short [a]dventure [g]ame about a girl […] who has gone to the [m]oon to find answers but soon has to decide what’s important to her.” It’s interesting what kind of atmosphere you can …
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Ludum Dare 26: Katana Senpou

Screenshot of "Katana Senpou"
“Katana Senpou” by Pedro Medeiros. “This game is a tribute to the games that I liked when I was young, so all the Japanese text and voice (and even the [title]!) make absolutely no sense.” “Katana Senpou” is a …
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Ludum Dare 26: Persist

Screenshot of "Persist"
“Persist” by Jussi Simpanen. “As you trek deeper into the dungeon, you lose your skills one by one, making your quest more and more dangerous.” “Persist” is a wonderful story about forgiveness and sacrifices in ludic form. The platformer …
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Ludum Dare 26: T.O.M.B.

Screenshot of "T.O.M.B."
“T.O.M.B.” by Ryan Ledohowski. “Run and jump your way through the temple’s dangerous traps to reach the treasure inside. Be warned, simply getting to the end is not good enough for the temple god, as each room has a …
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Ludum Dare 26: Dream Fishing

Screenshot of "Dream Fishing"
“Dream Fishing” by Sophie Houlden. “The dreamiest of fishing experiences.” “Dream Fishing” is a zen experience in a surreal world, in which flying fishes are waiting for you to give you some good life advice. Was that a good …
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