Screenshot of "Wunderdoktor"
“Wunderdoktor” by Konstantin Kopka & Philip Feller. “Step into the role of […] a traveling doctor whose daily work is to cure rare and exotic diseases. Explore a world full of quackery, ghosts and addictive potions.” Full disclosure right …
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Ludum Dare 29: Ripple Runner

Screenshot of "Ripple Runner"
“Ripple Runner” by DDRKirby(ISQ). “Run through [three] levels, using your water-bending “ripple” ability. Obstacles are synced to the music!” I love this, and so will all fans of “BIT.TRIP RUNNER” among you. Every jump you do is exactly timed …
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Ludum Dare 29: Deep South Motel

Screenshot of "Deep South Motel"
“Deep South Motel” by Stefan Srb & Josef Ortner. “While every guest brings income they will also get your rooms dirty. Clean the rooms to make them ready for the next customers.” This motel management simulator combines tactical elements with…
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Ludum Dare 29: Wunderheilung

Screenshot of "Wunderheilung"
“Wunderheilung” by Konstantin Kopka. “Scan the patients with the magnifying glass, look for any weird spots and keep the glass centered for a few seconds. Then try to further help your patient.” “Wunderheilung” is an adorable and surreal hidden …
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Ludum Dare 29: Arctic Antics

Screenshot of "Arctic Antics"
“Arctic Antics” by Robert Shenton. “Collect as many [pages] as you can before you are murdered by the ravenous orcas you love so dearly.” Awww, “Free Willy” was such a cute movie, am I right? Well, these orcas never …
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Ludum Dare 29: The Westport Independent

Screenshot of "The Westport Independent"
“The Westport Independent” by Double Zero One Zero (Pontus Lundén & Kristian Brodal). “[A] game about censoring, where you decide what will be available to the public, and what will stay beneath the surface.” “The Westport Independent” is …
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Ludum Dare 29: Water Hazard

Screenshot of "Water Hazard"
“Water Hazard” by Samuli Jääskeläinen, Petri Liuska, Aku Mähönen, Sofi Kurtti, Tuire Kauppinen & Janne Remes. “[I]nspired from old school survival horror games from [the nineties] like Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark and Dino Crisis.” Jeez, …
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Ludum Dare 29: Color Graphics Adventure

Screenshot of "Color Graphics Adventure"
“Color Graphics Adventure” by Emma Maassen. “A CGA-retro palette themed card-based dungeon diving game.” “Color Graphics Adventure” is an amazing card fighting game with a high replayability value. You know, the “Just one more round…” effect. Also, I adore …
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