Ludum Dare 30: Fluid Perspectives

Screenshot of "Fluid Perspectives"
“Fluid Perspectives” by Jez Swanson. “[This is] a cute game about running around with birds and fun little puzzles[,] [but also a] hardcore platformer set in a fiery world full of danger and mind-bending challenges!” In this puzzle platformer …
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Ludum Dare 30: The Lion’s Song

Screenshot of "The Lion’s Song"
“The Lion’s Song” by Stefan Srb. “You play as Wilma, a young composer who has been sent into the wild nature of the Austrian Alps to complete her greatest composition so far…” Breathtaking graphics plus well-written dialogs make up …
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Ludum Dare 30: Titania

Screenshot of "Titania"
“Titania” by Incredible Ape (Josh Schonstal & Ian Brock) & Guerin McMurry. “Titania” uses glitch aesthetics to tell a story that is somehow confusing, sad, scary and awesome – all at the same time. Gameplay-wise, it is just …
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Ludum Dare 30: Whiteout

Screenshot of "Whiteout"
“Whiteout” by René Rother. “[You are] on an antarctic expedition and your partner disappeared. Explore the environment and find him without getting lost yourself. […] There are multiple things to find including your lost partner.” “Whiteout” is a kind …
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Ludum Dare 30: Sinister

Screenshot of "Sinister"
“Sinister” by Joe Williamson. “Sinister” is a short, atmospheric experience with beautiful pixel art and a bittersweet ending. It tells story about a man who cannot accept his own fate, so he follows his own past steps. [PLAY]…
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Ludum Dare 30: Orange

Screenshot of "Orange"
“Orange” by Joep Aben. “[A] game about perception and being different. You play as an orange person in a blue world.” “Orange” is a well-made, beautiful adventure with important and serious messages about otherness, racism as well as social …
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Ludum Dare 30: Dominions’n’dominoes

Screenshot of "Dominions'n'dominoes"
“Dominions’n’dominoes” by Benjamin Soulé. “On each round place your two [diplomat tokens] on free action spaces. […] Connect your worlds by using trade, alliance or even tourism[!] […] After [nine] rounds the player with the highest prestige [wins] the …
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Ludum Dare 30: Rude Bear RPG

Screenshot of "Rude Bear RPG"
“Rude Bear RPG” by Alex Rose. Alex Rose is crazy – I love him! He is like the Weird Al Yankovic of game development, because he mixes up every element he likes, he does great parodies, and you can …
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