Ludum Dare 33: I AM THE SUN

Screenshot of "I AM THE SUN"
“I AM THE SUN” by René Rother. “T[here’s no escape].” A speaking seagull, respawning waves of angry enemies, huge towers, long bridges, the sea, a wonderful and bizarre atmosphere, but what exactly is happening in “I AM THE …
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Ludum Dare 33: Micromancer

Screenshot of "Micromancer"
“Micromancer” by Team Radmars (Roushey, Adhesion, Brendon Trombley, Matt Porter, Andy Mindler & Eugene Marcotte). “Raise the dead, kill all the humans.” “Micromancer” is a game for all of you who love real time …
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Ludum Dare 33: Mobs, Inc.

Screenshot of "Mobs, Inc."
“Mobs, Inc.” by Pietro Ferrantelli, Thomas Lean, Augustin Grassien & OrikMcFly. “The dungeon the company has been taking care of, has become so attractive that too many adventurers are visiting it every day. Become one these new …
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Ludum Dare 33: Fishbowl

Screenshot of "Fishbowl"
“Fishbowl” by Mason Lindroth. “Get three fishbowls and maybe something will happen!” The one thing I love about Mason Lindroth’s games is the fact that the puzzle design does not actively try to fit in traditional logic patterns without …
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Ludum Dare 33: No Credit, No Problem!

Screenshot of "No Credit, No Problem!"
“No Credit, No Problem!” by Rob Foor. “It’s your first day on the job as a [t]itle [l]oan [a]gent. You must get past the probationary period which involves successfully accepting or denying [ten] applications.” Ten customers, five things to …
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Ludum Dare 33: BLACKFESK

Screenshot of "BLACKFESK"
“BLACKFESK” by Arvid Backman, Karl Bergström, Konrad Petersson & Viktor Blomqvist. “Take control over the legendary giant sea-monster, the B[lackfesk], and wreck ships, planes, dinosaurs, mechs and vikings!” Here you can see one of the best kraken …
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