Ludum Dare 41: Treasure Chest #57

Treasure Chest #57
“Witchbeat” by Malcolm Brown. The rhythm-based attacking system in combination with the dry meta humor make this jam game a pure joy to play. Kill off some goblins, collect all the fairies and be a witness of the most …
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Ludum Dare 41: Toodee and Topdee

Screenshot of "Toodee and Topdee"
“Toodee and Topdee” by dietzribi & Kajnoon. “What happens when a platform game and a top down game are combined?” At first glance, the two-dimensional and three-dimensional platformer games do not seem to be really compatible with each other, …
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Ludum Dare 41: Treasure Chest #56

Treasure Chest #56
“On The Fly” by Rebecca Harrison & Joshua Hurd. This atmospheric and audiovisually stunning combination of a dating simulation and an endless runner is a relaxing, sweet delight. You have to switch the positions of the two birds every …
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Ludum Dare 41: Dark Soil

Screenshot of "Dark Soil"
“Dark Soil” by Pietro Ferrantelli, Sylvain Guerrero, Robin Chafoin, Joachim Leclercq & Boris Warembourg. “Cultivate your garden and earn souls from dangerous plant species[.] Get seeds and plant them on [soil] tiles, then use your watering …
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Ludum Dare 41: Treasure Chest #54

Treasure Chest #54
“BIRKANOID” by Mate Cziner. In this card-based “Breakout”-like jam game you have to use your cards to control the movement of your ball. At the same time you must avoid touching the red bricks, as they will immediately …
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Ludum Dare 41: Treasure Chest #53

Treasure Chest #53
“Nightclub Showdown” by Sébastien Bénard. In this gorgeously pixelated turn-based action game it is on you to decide who you shoot when and where. While the average shot is fast, but pretty weak, a headshot needs more time, but …
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Ludum Dare 41: Crane Quandary

Screenshot of "Crane Quandary"
“Crane Quandary” by mobiusdisco & Strato. “[You have] become trapped inside a […] [claw] machine! Utilize the crane to manipulate your environment and solve puzzles, enabling you to reach the stuffed animals!” Thanks to the implementation of a claw …
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