Goodboy Galaxy

Screenshot of "Goodboy Galaxy"
“Goodboy Galaxy” by Rik Nicol, Jeremy Clarke, Emi Monserrate, Jesse Zhang, Theodore Sterchi, Kimitaka Ogawa, Rafael Cano Malagón, Lyndon Ang, Gregory Parisi, Matheus Barreiros, Fabi Behling, Mansour Sorosoro & Adam Saeed, featuring characters created …
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The Jam Report: December 2018

The Jam Report: December 2018 (Part 1)
Discover necessary and unnecessary sacrifices, stories about murders in mobster villas and tales about all kinds of friendship, real flower power, genre mashups, metagames and many other things in the December issue of “The Jam Report”, that features sixty-two jam…
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Ludum Dare 43: OVERCHARGE

Screenshot of "OVERCHARGE"
“OVERCHARGE” by Jonas Tyroller & Yannick Pawils. “You can overcharge turrets which makes them deal additional damage for a period of time. Unfortunately it also destroys them.” Imagine a tower defense game in which you cannot build or reposition …
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Ludum Dare 43: Eternal Home Floristry

Screenshot of "Eternal Home Floristry"
“Eternal Home Floristry” by Deconstructeam (Jordi de Paco, Marina González & Fingerspit). “A game about criminals preparing flower arrangements.” Imagine a future in which almost no flowers exist anymore. The so often described, intoxicating scent of roses …
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Ludum Dare 43: Colors of Your World

Screenshot of "Colors of Your World"
“Colors of Your World” by Cocoa Moss (DDRKirby(ISQ) & Kat Jia). “A short platforming adventure. Sacrifices must be made to progress. What will become of your world?” From a game mechanical as well as aesthetical point of view, “Colors …
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