“UNDER A STAR CALLED SUN” by Cecile Richard. “[A science fiction Bitsy] game about grieving, holding on to fading memories, and carrying the world on your shoulders[.]” In the loneliest place in the entire universe, an astronaut formulates a message. …
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Screenshot of "✨💻ENDLESS SCROLL💌✨"
“✨💻ENDLESS SCROLL💌✨” by Cecile Richard & Rory Green. “[A] game about high school memories, growth and being online late at night[.]” I am sure that many of you will know that feeling: You just want to sleep, you are …
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Screenshot of "chronotopophobia"
“chronotopophobia” by hideous cave goblin. This Bitsy game was an extremely interesting experience for me. In its description page, it did not give away any information about the plot whatsoever, so it is completely up for your own interpretation. In…
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Bitsy Jam (Dinosaur): Denierosaurs

Screenshot of "Denierosaurs"
“Denierosaurs” by Sabine Harrer & glassdevil. “A Bitsy game about dinosaurs, fish, and the end of the world.” The serious Bitsy game “Denierosaurs” uses an obvious metapher to shine a light on the climate crisis we are going through. You…
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Combat Dungeon

Screenshot of "Combat Dungeon"
“Combat Dungeon” by Andrew Yolland. “Conquer the dungeon! Duke it out with goblins! Call wizards on the phone! Vape with ghosts!” While most Bitsy games are quite short, “Combat Dungeon” is a huge exception from that rule! Here you …
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Bitsy Mystery Dungeon

Screenshot of "Bitsy Mystery Dungeon"
“Bitsy Mystery Dungeon” by flowerditch, rarelikeaunicorn, Sarah Gould, Mozz, ruin, Emma Daues, becklespinax, Lenny Magner, Andrew Yolland, Natalie Clayton, Ian Martin, Dan Lance, William John Holly III, …
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Space Bubble Cat

Screenshot of "Space Bubble Cat"
“Space Bubble Cat” by Emma Daues. “[A] very personal piece about a lonely cat who floats through space.” When you ask the members of the Bitsy community about their favorite Bitsy game, it is very likely that some of them …
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