I Hate You, Please Suffer

Screenshot of "I Hate You, Please Suffer"
“I Hate You, Please Suffer” by scitydreamer. “In a world where adventuring is a common career choice, a recently fired woman sets out on a grand quest to pay her rent. […] Do quests, get paid, and hope that …
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Screenshot of "Hylics"
“Hylics” by Mason Lindroth. “[A] recreational program with light [Japanese role-playing game] elements.” The plot of the alternative role-playing game “Hylics” is not an obvious arc story. From the mind of Mason Lindroth arised a strange, but also beautiful …
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Screenshot of "Remnants"
“Remnants” by June Flower, featuring music by Jack King-Spooner. “[A] top-down exploration game about descending underground into a mysterious abandoned facility.” The old artifacts and symbols of a past civilization are scattered in this place. Graffitis and graphs …
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Global Game Jam 2016: The Fox’s Ritual

Screenshot of "The Fox’s Ritual"
“The Fox’s Ritual” by Kasper Hjorth, Elisabet Heikkilä, Markus Ranki & Janette Kellokumpu. “Your art-loving friend has left this world. However, a friendly fox knows how to fix the situation; sacrifice five of your friend’s most beloved things to …
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CloneJam (Kitty HorrorShow): homeland

Screenshot of "homeland"
“homeland” by Ada Rook. “Something intangible crossed over, a memory, and someone caught it… You are getting these, right? Send me a letter if you’re getting these. I miss you.” The voice acting gave me goosebumps. There is some …
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