Screenshot of "Hylics"
“Hylics” by Mason Lindroth. “[A] recreational program with light [Japanese role-playing game] elements.” The plot of the alternative role-playing game “Hylics” is not an obvious arc story. From the mind of Mason Lindroth arised a strange, but also beautiful …
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Ludum Dare 40: Muldulamulom

Screenshot of "Muldulamulom"
“Muldulamulom” by Mason Lindroth. “A straightforward metroidvania with a focus on graphics.” While the surrealistic graphical style is absolutely stunning for sure, the bigger appeal of “Muldulamulom” comes more from the interesting level design as well as the different …
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Ludum Dare 33: Fishbowl

Screenshot of "Fishbowl"
“Fishbowl” by Mason Lindroth. “Get three fishbowls and maybe something will happen!” The one thing I love about Mason Lindroth’s games is the fact that the puzzle design does not actively try to fit in traditional logic patterns without …
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Ludum Dare 25: ASMOSNOS

Screenshot of "ASMOSNOS"
“ASMOSNOS” by Mason Lindroth. “[A] futuristic story of betrayal, planetary annihilation, and dancing crazy.” I adore Mason Lindroth’s style, not only in the meaning of the visuals. Get ready for a beautifully strange, nearly surrealistic experience that “ASMOSNOS” will …
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