RNDGAME Jam: UFO Swamp Odyssey

Screenshot of "UFO Swamp Odyssey"
“UFO Swamp Odyssey” by Paranoid Cactus. “A short atmospheric platformer.” “UFO Swamp Odyssey” is a beautifully crafted jump and run game with metroidvania elements, where you play as a robotic spaceship pilot, who was just shut down by hostile …
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The Dream Arcade Archive: Clouds of Farfisa

Screenshot of "Clouds of Farfisa"
“Clouds of Farfisa” by nilski & Lyskestrekk Records. “Try [to] […] survive in the hazardous haze of Farfisa!” With the beautifully strange music of Lyskestrekk Records, that evokes real oneiric vibes, “Clouds of Farfisa” is one of the jam submissions…
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Ludum Dare 46: ADRENA-LINE

Screenshot of "ADRENA-LINE"
“ADRENA-LINE” by Daniel Linssen. “[I]n each level you want to get to the button before you run out of time. [T]he amount of time you have for each level slowly decreases over time. […] [T]he levels are procedurally generated …
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There Was the Moon

Screenshot of "There Was the Moon"
“There Was the Moon” by Ben Lapid. “A beautiful nightmare. Explore an ancient monument and discover its true purpose. Meticulously crafted environments inspired by sci-fi and dreams. A haunting atmosphere paired with a surreal soundscape. Solve puzzles as you …
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Fugue in Void

Screenshot of "Fugue in Void"
“Fugue in Void” by Moshe Linke. “Explore all kind of mysterious places and dive into a world full of atmosphere. Let this experience unfold in your head. Let it inspire you. This project […] is the result of my creative …
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Ludum Dare 45: Some Excavated Wounds

Screenshot of "Some Excavated Wounds"
“Some Excavated Wounds” by Sand Gardeners (Sam Machell & Colin Le Duc) & Marc Loths. “Devon, England, is a root site of deep cultural trauma; the legacy of colonialism, slavery, and the systematic exploitation of workers and …
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Combat Dungeon

Screenshot of "Combat Dungeon"
“Combat Dungeon” by Andrew Yolland. “[A] seat-of-your-pants thrill-ride full of non-stop twitch-action combat. […] Conquer the dungeon! Duke it out with goblins! Call wizards on the phone! Vape with ghosts!” Most Bitsy games are quite short (but lovely anyway, …
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Bitsy Mystery Dungeon

Screenshot of "Bitsy Mystery Dungeon"
“Bitsy Mystery Dungeon” by flowerditch, rarelikeaunicorn, Sarah Gould, Mozz, ruin, Emma Daues, becklespinax, Lenny Magner, Andrew Yolland, Natalie Clayton, Ian Martin, Dan Lance, William John Holly III, …
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8×8 Game Jam: Inferna

Screenshot of "Inferna"
“Inferna” by Milkbar Lads (Ace & Jack). “Charge and burn your way through a labyrinthine complex as a ball of fire!” In a dark dungeon, it’s your job as a little glowing orb to find the exit. But …
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