Melon Game Jam: Melon Poppers

Screenshot of "Melon Poppers"
“Melon Poppers” by Jukio Kallio & Joonas Turner. “Pop [the melons] and decorate your beautiful [melon room.]” It is so much fun to run around in “Melon Poppers”, to plant the melon seeds and to jump on them. The …
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Melon Game Jam: a melon’s tale

Screenshot of "a melon’s tale"
“a melon’s tale” by Shelly Alon, Nikolai Reinke & Simon David Schmidt. “A discarded water melon decides to help those in need.” “a melon’s tale” works like a little analogy for hope in general: Regardless how often hope …
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Melon Game Jam: Senseless

Screenshot of "Senseless"
“Senseless” by Sven Ahlgrimm. “You just want to shoot that watermelon and [the developer] just wants to be innovative[.]” WHAT WAS I EXPECTING FROM A MELON GAME JAM GAME QUESTION MARK EXCLAMATION MARK QUESTION MARK DOT DOT DOT – …
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