Screenshot of "ODGŁOS"
“ODGŁOS” by Holy Pangolin (Agata Newrot & Sebastian Krzyszkowiak), Jakub Marszałkowski, Vitruvio Foundation, Bartek Chaciński, Jacek Hawryluk, Michał Mendyk & Anna Kwapiszewska. “Come along on a journey with a small owl looking for her lost friends in other dimensions. Followed by a shapeshifting …
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Global Game Jam 2020: REBIND TYPER

Screenshot of "REBIND TYPER"
“REBIND TYPER” by Chris Choi, Siu Man Ho & Kwok Chun Yau. “[A] typing game which forces you to rebind keyboard keys to other keys.” Inspired by the retro arcade game “Missile Command”, you have to shoot down your …
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Fantasy Console Game Jam #4: Sushi Belt

Screenshot of "Sushi Belt"
“Sushi Belt” by Munro Hoberman. “Make sushi and feed it to customers using the innovative technology of conveyor belts!” I’m a huge fan of sushi dishes, so I simply had to recommend this fabulous cooking-and-serving simulation made with PICO-8…
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Global Game Jam 2018: Teleporterror

Screenshot of "Teleporterror"
“Teleporterror” by Douglas Flinders & Henry Pullan. “Your teleporter experiments have gone haywire and you must shut it down! Shame that you forgot the kill code and that the teleporter keeps moving you from room to room. Maybe [there …
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Global Game Jam 2018: Shaman

Screenshot of "Shaman"
“Shaman” by Isabella Koelman, Fabian van Dommelen, Joni van der Leeuw, Joris van Leeuwen & Yannic van den Berg. “The tribe is in need of your help. Use your […] powers to speak to the gods, …
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DreamHack Jam: The Peace Machine

Screenshot of "The Peace Machine"
“The Peace Machine” by damagefilter, Phantom Lab & Giuliano Cau. “[It is] the brink of [an all-encompassing] apocalypse. […] [It] is your holy duty to protect the [Earth] […] [with] your trusty Peace Machine! [You have] got one …
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