Meta Game Jam: Daisy Dangerous

Screenshot of "Daisy Dangerous"
“Daisy Dangerous” by securas. “[An action puzzle] platformer[.] Daisy is [on] a quest to rid the land of the invading alien sentient machines. Guide her across the multiple traps laid out along the way to reach the machine overlord, …
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Meta Game Jam: Waiting System

Screenshot of "Waiting System"
“Waiting System” by Roan Contreras, Albert Paixão & Lorenzo Cezar Perez. “Enter a surreal update system that would make you wait with satirical elements.” This little, atmospheric altgame will test your patience, because you will have to wait to …
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The HEART JAM: Duck Jam

Screenshot of "Duck Jam"
“Duck Jam” by Adam Worrell, Thimz, Grant Brown & Oscar Gonzalez. “[A] flurry of [minigames,] all lasting [five] seconds each. […] Each game is […] independent from each other[.] […] What keeps them all […] together is …
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Meta Game Jam: PC_001

Screenshot of "PC_001"
“PC_001” by Modus Interactive. This little altgame features an interesting puzzle. You start a game, where you have to collect three keys to open up the closed gates in the underground of a mysterious tower. And then, you have …
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