Mini Ludum Dare 63: Plumber’s Creed

Screenshot of "Plumber’s Creed"
“Plumber’s Creed” by Pietro Ferrantelli, Thomas Lean & Niels Tiercelin. “”Assassin’s Creed” [meets] “Super Mario Bros”[.]” If you ever wished for a 2D stealth game with “Assassin’s Creed” and “Super Mario” references, then you are in luck! In “Plumber’s …
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Mini Ludum Dare 63: PiX RPG

Screenshot of "PiX RPG"
“PiX RPG” by Bownly. “It’s [a role-playing game, b]ut with [P]icross instead of combat.” Do you enjoy Nonogram puzzle games? Then you will love “PiX RPG”. The fusion of a generic role-playing game plot with the image puzzle elements works …
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Mini Ludum Dare 63: Snakoban

Screenshot of "Snakoban"
“Snakoban” by Friedrich Hanisch. “Snake [plus] Sokoban[.]” Two classic games combined in one: “Snakoban” nailed the the theme of the sixty-third Mini Ludum Dare – which was “Fusion” – by combining the gameplay of “Snake” and “Sokoban”. The ten …
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