Mini Ludum Dare 63: Plumber’s Creed

Screenshot of "Plumber’s Creed"
“Plumber’s Creed” by Pietro Ferrantelli, Thomas Lean & Niels Tiercelin. “”Assassin’s Creed” [meets] “Super Mario Bros”[.]” If you ever wished for a 2D stealth game with “Assassin’s Creed” and “Super Mario” references, then you are in luck! In “Plumber’s …
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Mini Ludum Dare 63: PiX RPG

Screenshot of "PiX RPG"
“PiX RPG” by Bownly. “It’s [a role-playing game, b]ut with [P]icross instead of combat.” Do you enjoy Nonogram puzzle games? Then you will love “PiX RPG”. The fusion of a generic role-playing game plot with the image puzzle elements works …
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Mini Ludum Dare 63: Snakoban

Screenshot of "Snakoban"
“Snakoban” by Friedrich Hanisch. “Snake [plus] Sokoban[.]” Two classic games combined in one: “Snakoban” nailed the the theme of the sixty-third Mini Ludum Dare – which was “Fusion” – by combining the gameplay of “Snake” and “Sokoban”. The ten …
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Mini Ludum Dare 50: GBSenku

Screenshot of "GBSenku"
“GBSenku” by Miguel Sánchez. “A little […] game based [on] Senku (Peg Solitaire) with [Game Boy] colors[.]” One stone can jump over another one if the next tile is free, the bypassed stone will disappear afterwards. Can you manage …
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Mini Ludum Dare 48: Noir

Screenshot of "Noir"
“Noir” by rxi & bitslap. “Noir” is a challenging detective adventure with some pretty frustrating battles, but it produces an intensive atmosphere which makes up for it. The pixel art is gorgeous, the music fits in pretty well, so …
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Mini Ludum Dare 53: Surveillance Warrior

Screenshot of "Surveillance Warrior"
“Surveillance Warrior” by pancakemetro & S. Duda. “You are tasked with keeping the campus safe and free of graffiti the night before an important politician visits! Analyze the cameras for intruders! Send cop squads to deal with odd shadows! Send…
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Mini Ludum Dare 58: Blorf Pong

Screenshot of "Blorf Pong"
“Blorf Pong” by Charlotte Gore. “Hopefully the very worst, most unplayable, most vomit inducing pong clone ever.” Hey there. Do you like motion sickness? No? Good. Then you will hate “Blorf Pong” for obvious reasons. The whole level moves …
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Mini Ludum Dare 58: TETRONG

Screenshot of "TETRONG"
“TETRONG” by Daniël Haazen. “P[ong] mixed with T[etris] […]! Use the falling blocks as paddles, but don’t forget to put them in the right place!” Are you suffering from retronostalgiamashupiritis? “TETRONG” – a mix of “Tetris” and “Pong” – …
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