Baba Is You

Screenshot of "Baba Is You"
“Baba Is You” by Arvi Teikari, Mathias Kærlev, Martin Kvale, Niilo Takalainen, Aaro Teikari, Sara Cascianelli, Hiago Kanomata, Zeno van Ditzhuijzen, Aurora Robb Kristiansen, Vile Lasagna, HLongNV, Eva Jany, Pepperonisecret, …
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Ludum Dare 22: Stray Whisker

Screenshot of " Stray Whisker"
“Stray Whisker” by Andrew Sum. “There is one ending and one [secret].” Your owner abandoned you. But can you really let her go, just like that? No, of course not. “Stray Whisker” is a wonderful game. There are some …
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Ludum Dare 24: Soul Jar

Screenshot of "Soul Jar"
“Soul Jar” by Paul Hart. “[This game is] about [an] evolving AI[,] [a] robot that collects and imitates lifeforms, a “soul jar” from space, crash lands and must return to his ship. Along the way you teach it how …
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Ludum Dare 31: Where They Once Were

Screenshot of "Where They Once Were"
“Where They Once Were” by Arvi Teikari. “[A] weird survival thing about a woman finding a […] abandoned cottage while escaping pursuers. Can you find out the secret of the cottage?” “Where They Once Were” has some quite interesting …
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