Wowie Jam 3.0: Mother Chef: The Musical!

Screenshot of "Mother Chef: The Musical!"
“Mother Chef: The Musical!” by Daniel Foutz. “Help Mother Chef cook delicious food […] for [the customer]! Listen closely to the order and pick the right ingredients!” “Mother Chef: The Musical!” is certainly a strange jam game, but it …
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Ludum Dare 47: Caterpillar Cowboy

Screenshot of "Caterpillar Cowboy"
“Caterpillar Cowboy” by Foxdog Studios (Lloyd Henning & Peter Sutton) & Alex Marczak. “Wrap your caterpillar body around all the critters that have gotten loose at the ranch, and watch out for the law.” With a simple core concept, …
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Screenshot of "ODGŁOS"
“ODGŁOS” by Holy Pangolin (Agata Newrot & Sebastian Krzyszkowiak), Jakub Marszałkowski, Vitruvio Foundation, Bartek Chaciński, Jacek Hawryluk, Michał Mendyk & Anna Kwapiszewska. “Come along on a journey with a small owl looking for her lost friends in other dimensions. Followed by a shapeshifting …
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Global Game Jam 2018: Melobee

Screenshot of "Melobee"
“Melobee” by Jordan Alty, Aaron Bartlett, Duncan Corrigan, Bryce Halliday & Wayne Petzler. “A game about communicating through expressive and emergent play[.]” Sometimes I just need a relaxing game. A game which can transform each of …
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Global Game Jam 2018: Mellowdy

Screenshot of "Mellowdy"
“Mellowdy” by Léo Marambat-Patinote, Martin Jacob & Eléonore Chaumont. “A smooth musical game[,] [where] you [have to] gather all the notes[.]” In “Mellowdy”, you guide a heart on its way through a wonderfully drawn world, which seems to be …
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