Myst Jam: hypnos

Screenshot of "hypnos"
“hypnos” by Ben Thornburg. “[E]xplore a strange island while discovering an intriguing plot.” You can find some very well-crafted, challenging puzzles in “hypnos”, but be prepared: Sometimes it is not that difficult to find a solution for the actual …
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Myst Jam: Canveus

Screenshot of "Canveus"
“Canveus” by Malcolm Brown. “Drawn to a mysterious world of imagination, you are tasked with returning [color] to this world. Your only hope is to restore the strange machine that lies dormant around you. Perhaps by solving each section, …
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Ludum Dare 34: Wyst

Screenshot of "Wyst"
“Wyst” by Tilman Geishauser, Niels Meyering, Robert Pfeiffer, Erik Wittkorn, Jonas Görlich, Fabian Schlarmann & Sven Wilke. “Wander around, discover the parts of the [i]sland, discover the secret workings of Wyst and solve the [m]ysteries.” Up …
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