Meta Game Jam: PC_001

Screenshot of "PC_001"
“PC_001” by Modus Interactive. This little altgame features an interesting puzzle. You start a game, where you have to collect three keys to open up the closed gates in the underground of a mysterious tower. And then, you have …
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Ludum Dare 40: Between Stations

Screenshot of "Between Stations"
“Between Stations” by Sand Gardeners (Sam Machell & Colin Le Duc). “You [cannot] remember what time it is, but you know it is late. You have just checked into your room at the Brownie Cove Hotel. The bed …
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Ludum Dare 39: Saturnalia

Screenshot of "Saturnalia"
“Saturnalia” by Graeme Borland. “The celebration was forgotten, only the ritual remained. Stars alone are left to watch over this place, and in time their power too will fade.” Power poles like grave crosses, a stunning planet in plain …
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Ludum Dare 39: Rise Shine Fall

Screenshot of "Rise Shine Fall"
“Rise Shine Fall” by Margarita Skomorokh & Yuliya Kozhemyako. “[A] game where you can learn secret shamanic techniques and experience what it means to be truly connected to nature. You will feel powerful… [Or] powerless? Maybe sometimes it is …
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