Mystic Western Game Jam: Sand and Stars

Screenshot of "Sand and Stars"
“Sand and Stars” by Dave Makes. “A short story [and] exploration game[.]” “Sand and Stars” manages to create a mystic atmosphere by leaving clues to untold stories and by having parts in it, that are ‘unnecessary’ to progress in …
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Mystic Western Game Jam: Sinister Stars

Screenshot of "Sinister Stars"
“Sinister Stars” by Andrei Mishanin, Waldemar Umaniz & Nicolas Gasparini. It is not quite clear for me what “Sinister Stars” is exactly about or how to interpret the game, but I adore the growing suspense-packed atmosphere in it. >>PLAY…
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Mystic Western Game Jam: Black Gold

Screenshot of "Black Gold"
“Black Gold” by Conor Mccann, Chris Schlarb & Devin O’Brien. In “Black Gold”, you can decide between several dialogue choices which will affect the following story in an impressive way. Want a story about the desire to escape the …
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