Cyberpunk Jam: Protocol

Screenshot of "Protocol"
“Protocol” by Nik Sudan. “Outrun the lawbots[!]” Thirty-two action filled waves, in which you need to shoot and destroy your enemies – that is the core of “Protocol”. The art style is spectacular, the explosion animations went right into …
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GBJAM 2: Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Screenshot of "Tiny Dangerous Dungeons"
“Tiny Dangerous Dungeons” by Jussi Simpanen & Nik Sudan. “[E]xplore, find hidden power ups and solve puzzles to reach the end of the dungeon and presumably a huge treasure.” “Tiny Dangerous Dungeons” is a great metroidvania platformer game, which …
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GBJAM 3: Steam Rogue

Screenshot of "Steam Rogue"
“Steam Rogue” by Jussi Simpanen & Nik Sudan. “Play as steam-powered gentleman thiefbot Otto Von Steamingberg, hunt for treasures in a wacky factory, but keep an eye on your steam meter!” The excellent level design, the perfect balanced difficulty …
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