Stencyl Jam 19: requeue

Screenshot of "requeue"
“requeue” by torcado. “[Help] this robot friend get to the goal by resetting its command queue at the appropriate times!” “requeue” drove my synapses crazy in the best possible way. Here you are in charge of manipulating a robot’s …
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Ludum Dare 42: .S

Screenshot of ".S"
“.S” by torcado. “[A “Snake”] platformer[.]” The concept of “.S” is as simple as it is ingenious: You control a snake that has to eat all the pellets in a level to activate the exit. But just like in …
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7DRL Challenge 2018: Patient Rogue

Screenshot of "Patient Rogue"
“Patient Rogue” by Oleg Dolya. “A roguelite card-based game[.]” The smooth gameplay of “Patient Rogue” has its core in the intuitive, easy to use card game interface. You can fight with your weapons by dragging and dropping them on …
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Ludum Dare 38: Our little island

Screenshot of "Our little island"
“Our little island” by Rick Hoppmann, Asmo & TrisNQuads. “Two […] brothers [try] to build […] a new garden on a little island. But they can only succeed if they work together.” “Our little island” is a …
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