Screenshot of "co-open"
“co-open” by lowpolis (rayzones & Yaffle), Kyle Yerhot, fricochet, Fallon, cool_swords, Scarlet Winter, Sam Machell, Colin Le Duc, samb_rules, Vinzenz, Autumn Rain, Jerry Vishnevsky, Rémi Le Gallo, aido & …
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Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1: Cutout

Screenshot of "Cutout"
“Cutout” by Nikita Tsarev. “[A] challenging [“Sokoban”-like] puzzle game but with a twist: [You] can cut holes in the level and then attach them back wherever you like.” My brain melt into a black mush after playing …
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Ludum Dare 39: The Colors of Days To Come.

Screenshot of "The Colors of Days To Come"
“The Colors of Days To Come.” by Joarez C. Santini. “[A] narrative experience about dealing with breakups and depression.” “The Colors of Days To Come” seems to be a sequel to the developer’s former Ludum Dare submission called “Forever Someday”…
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Ludum Dare 36: Forever Someday

Screenshot of "Forever Someday"
“Forever Someday” by Joarez C. Santini. “[A] psychological experience about breakups and depression.” I love the surrealistic aesthetics and the translation of inner feelings into game mechanics in “Forever Someday”. Play it and you may feel just as empathic as …
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Adventure Jam 2016: Strolling

Screenshot of "Strolling"
“Strolling” by Beavl Games (Nico Saraintaris), Nicolás Recabarren & Fernando Martinez Ruppel. “Pedro stays silent for a bit and observes his companion. Suddenly, he makes a crazy statement. Mariano is astonished… How did [Pedro] know what [Mariano] was …
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