Mable & The Wood

Screenshot of "Mable & The Wood"
“Mable & The Wood” by Andrew Stewart, Fat Bard (Zach Fendelman & Patrick Crecelius), Chris W. Early, Maarten Boot, swonqi & Graffiti Games. “[A metroidvania] where you can take the form of the bosses …
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Blitz Breaker

Screenshot of "Blitz Breaker"
“Blitz Breaker” by Reece Kelly, Fat Bard (Zach Fendelman & Patrick Crecelius), Luciana Nascimento, Dyre & Jeremy Hobbs. “An accessible, [fast-paced] platformer with one small change, your character [cannot] run! Play as a tiny robot …
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Global Game Jam 2017: Can We Stay?

Screenshot of "Can We Stay?"
“Can We Stay?” by Jonathan Rousseau, Luciana Nascimento & Patrick Crecelius. “You and your fantastical sand castles are the only thing between your glistening parents and the mighty ocean. [Keep them] dry, away from the tide.” Build sand …
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