Global Game Jam 2018: Pogo Postman

Screenshot of "Pogo Postman"
“Pogo Postman” by Patrick Wachowiak, Paul Lawitzki & Dominik Schneider. “Delivering mail on a pogo stick is tricky.” “Pogo Postman” is the forbidden love child between “Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy” and a pogo stick. You have …
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Glitch Jam: detuned

Screenshot of "detuned"
“detuned” by Paul Lawitzki, Christoph Rasulis & Benjamin Rudolf. “A very short experimental experience with glitch aestethic[. … C]ontains horror elements” The scrolling-/’detuning’-mechanic is pretty neat and I like how the handling of the environment is required in …
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Ludum Dare 28: GRAIL

Screenshot of "GRAIL"
“GRAIL” by Paul Lawitzki. “The classical quest for the holy grail. But this time you only get one button and only one direction to go.” A genius double take on the Ludum Dare 28 theme “You Only Get One”: …
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Ludum Dare 32: Udom Nebdon

Screenshot of "Udom Nebdon"
“Udom Nebdon” by Paul Lawitzki. “A very short horror-themed “Alone in the Dark”-alike. You are the carrier of a magic mirror making your way through a dark temple to reach its inner sanctum.” The atmosphere is amazing. What Paul …
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