Fragile Soft Machines

Screenshot of "Fragile Soft Machines"
“Fragile Soft Machines” by Diane Mueller. “You were born to fly, but you never will. As a butterfly with a torn wing, traverse the land in a way you were never meant to, as you journey to find your …
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Ludum Dare 33: Geminis

Screenshot of "Geminis"
“Geminis” by Edu Verzinsky, Celer Gutierrez, Jonathan Romero Ruiz & Luis Díaz Peralta. “Follow the story of two siamese twins who work at freak show. During the day they complete challenges to amuse the public, but nothing …
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Ludum Dare 28: You Are Disabled

Screenshot of "You Are Disabled"
“You Are Disabled” by Cory Alex Martin. “We only get one life, and some of us are born into unfortunate circumstances. […] [Y]ou play as a person stricken with a disability. When you play, a disability is randomly selected …
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