PICO-8 Jam 1: Frog Home

Screenshot of "Frog Home"
“Frog Home” by JTE. “Press Z to frog. Go do frog stuff.” “Frog Home” is a lovely, short puzzle game with a strong message and a – at first – melancholic atmosphere. >>PLAY…
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PICO-8 Jam 1: Rain Culture

Screenshot of "Rain Culture"
“Rain Culture” by Antoine Zanuttini. “Use your divine powers to help nature grow back. Your main tool is a rain cannon and severa[l] kind of mirrors to redirect water over the plants.” I love the simple gameplay in combination …
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PICO-8 Jam 1: About 1600mm

Screenshot of "About 1600mm"
“About 1600mm” by Rémy Devaux. “[A]n explosive bullet hell[.]” The arcade bullet hell feeling of “About 1600mm” is just excellent. While it will get pretty frustrating in later levels, the whole concept is amazingly fun! The focus on the …
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