Chez Moi: Misc.

Screenshot of "Misc."
“Misc.” by Pierre Corbinais & Aurélien Montero. “[It has] been following you for ages[,] [year] after year[,] [apartment] after apartment[.] But now [it is] time[.] There is no turning back[:] You need to sort the “Misc.” box. […] Tinder …
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Ludum Dare 37: The Chinese Room

Screenshot of "The Chinese Room"
“The Chinese Room” by Pierre Corbinais & Julien Delample. “Try to follow a conversation while dealing with that fucked up machine called a human body.” You have to convince the leader of a Chinese gang of criminals, that you …
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Ludum Dare 36: Kill me now

Screenshot of "Kill me now"
“Kill me now” by Pierre Corbinais. “[It is] slideshow night! You [want to] die. A short [point and] click [adventure], retro in more than one way.” Slideshow nights are the ‘Show boring YouTube videos to your friends parties’ of …
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Space Cowboy Jam: ‘Til Cows Tear us Apart

Screenshot of "‘Til Cows Tear us Apart"
“‘Til Cows Tear us Apart” by Pierre Corbinais. “A road trip filled with adventure, romance and cows across a desert called Space. Seven chapters, five endings.” Seriously, “‘Til Cows Tear us Apart” is one of the best point’n’click adventures …
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Ludum Dare 25: The Quite Annoying League

Screenshot of "The Quite Annoying League"
“The Quite Annoying League” by Pierre Corbinais. “You need to strongly bother your victims, but just not enough to allow them to reproach you anything.” This point’n’click adventure called “The Quite Annoying League” is just hilarious. Be annoying, but …
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Ludum Dare 32: One of them

Screenshot of "One of them"
“One of them” by Pierre Corbinais. “A short experiment on characterization and one other thing.” Seriously, “One of Them” is one of my absolute favorite games ever created for Ludum Dare for a very good reason. I urge you …
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