The Supper

Screenshot of "The Supper"
“The Supper” by Octavi Navarro, Lauren Davidson & Joel Murray. “Ms. Appleton wakes up in her tavern’s kitchen. The [voice] inside her head is still there. It [will not] leave her alone. It commands her to serve a …
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Ludum Dare 38: Little Lands

Screenshot of "Little Lands"
“Little Lands” by Robin Field & Billy Hobson. “[A] short strategy city-builder prototype about building on a cluster of tiles that randomly connect to your land over time[.]” In my books, “Little Lands” is not really a prototype, as …
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Ludum Dare 37: 13 jellyfish

Screenshot of "13 jellyfish"
“13 jellyfish” by Four Quarters team (Dmitry Karimov, Alexander Goryeslavets, Alexander Vartazaryan & Dmitry Lagutov). “With [a pirate crew] you go by ancient maps in search of [mysterious] treasure! […] [The player] can choose only [two pirates] …
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Ludum Dare 34: Longbeard

Screenshot of "Longbeard"
“Longbeard” by Joe Williamson. Imagine yourself being the eponymous pirate captain in “Longbeard”, who takes advantage of his very long beard in the search for the treasures of the world. Whenever you find some coins, not only your wealth …
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