Grapple Force Rena

Screenshot of "Grapple Force Rena"
“Grapple Force Rena” by Tim Ashley Jenkins, Michael Staple, Will Bowerman, Omar Carlo, Scooblee, Jason Lord, Jarad Moloney & Sean Evans. “Grapple onto any surface and swing! Grab enemies and objects and throw! …[B]ut …
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Chronology: Time Changes Everything

Screenshot of "Chronology: Time Changes Everything"
“Chronology: Time Changes Everything” by Bedtime Digital Games, Niels Højgaard Sørensen, Galan Viorel Nicolae, Christian Ræv Petersen, Thomas Egeskov Petersen, Henrik Lunardi Weide, Fredrik Olsson, Kasper Byrdal, Juan García, Eva Perez, Rasmus Andreasen, Daniel …
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The Hex

Screenshot of "The Hex"
“The Hex” by Daniel Mullins, Jonah Senzel, Brendan Sullivan, Michael Mola, Enzo Doyen, Marcello Brancaccio, Luis Redin Ochoa, Farhad Alishov, Blue Bowling Translators (Michelle Finholdt & Jefferson Santos), Christian Hecklinger, Berke …
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Global Game Jam 2020: Elevate Me

Screenshot of "Elevate Me"
“Elevate Me” by Nikolay Danielov Yordanov, Lawrence Thorp & Callum Horton. “[T]he objective is to fix an [e]levator to get out. […] Progress to the top of the level, grabbing key items along the way, and plugging them into their…
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Screenshot of "WitchWay"
“WitchWay” by Andrew Gleeson, Henri Rochefort, Niilo Takalainen & Nathan Antony. “Find your wand, save the bunnies and solve your way out of the well!” The cute protagonist of “WitchWay” has a big problem: All her bunnies …
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Screenshot of "WIZ"
“WIZ” by Matthew Hobbs & Connor Grail. “A puzzle game about manipulating blocks to reach greater knowledge.” The increasingly difficult puzzle design of “WIZ” works well thanks to a step-by-step introduction to the game’s juicy block-sliding mechanic. In each …
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Wowie Jam 2.0!: Outer Bounds

Screenshot of "Outer Bounds"
“Outer Bounds” by waterlemon. “Push yourself out of solids by disabling and enabling collisions and gain huge momentum in order to clear gaps and obstacles while avoiding deadly lasers. [The game] takes a glitch found in games where if …
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