RNDGAME Jam: UFO Swamp Odyssey

Screenshot of "UFO Swamp Odyssey"
“UFO Swamp Odyssey” by Paranoid Cactus. “A short atmospheric platformer.” “UFO Swamp Odyssey” is a beautifully crafted jump and run game with metroidvania elements, where you play as a robotic spaceship pilot, who was just shut down by hostile …
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Ludum Dare 46: Volty’s Quest

Screenshot of "Volty's Quest"
“Volty’s Quest” by Casey MacNeil, Dalton Leavey & Connor Grail. “You’re Volty, a little battery that’s been lost down the sink. Chargers will keep Volty alive, but you will have to use his power to control things in …
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Ludum Dare 46: Tiny Fragments

Screenshot of "Tiny Fragments"
“Tiny Fragments” by Daniel Moreno. “Connect fragmented pieces of a level to help our protagonist get its food. Be careful and keep it away from the hazards!” Some days ago, we recommended “Tumble Baby” on our Twitter account, …
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Ludum Dare 46: Tumbleweed

Screenshot of "Tumbleweed"
“Tumbleweed” by Rémi Lefevre, Kim Tervamaki, Yohan Jager, Nicolas Meyssonnier, Reece Bridger & Adrien Lucas. “[A] poetical game about the life of a desert plant who needs help to spread its seeds. The game takes place in …
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Little Bug

Screenshot of "Little Bug"
“Little Bug” by Buddy System (Bela Messex & Hana Harada), Sepand Mashiahof, Cherylynn Lima, Iman Sylvain, Bayana Davis, Eilish Lambrechtsen, Nina Pal, Wizard Apprentice, Keanan Evers & Morgan Tucker. “Nyah is walking home …
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Stencyl Jam #19: requeue

Screenshot of "requeue"
“requeue” by torcado. “[H]elp this robot friend get to the goal by resetting its command queue at the appropriate times!” Do not ever dare again to tell me that puzzle games made as jam submissions are too easy for …
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Stencyl Jam #19: Rupert Reset

Screenshot of "Rupert Reset"
“Rupert Reset” by havana24. “[A] puzzle platformer game where you can control and reset objects in the stage just by pressing the big reset button in the level.” To reset, or in other words to bring a level back to its …
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Grapple Force Rena

Screenshot of "Grapple Force Rena"
“Grapple Force Rena” by Tim Ashley Jenkins, Michael Staple, Will Bowerman, Omar Carlo, Scooblee, Jason Lord, Jarad Moloney & Sean Evans. “Grapple onto any surface and swing! Grab enemies and objects and throw! …[B]ut …
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