Global Game Jam 2018: 1977: Radio Aut

Screenshot of "1977: Radio Aut"
“1977: Radio Aut” by Alex Camilleri. “A short interactive story about Giuseppe Impastato and his life-long fight against Mafia in Sicily.” First of all, I’m very impressed with the choice of topic in “1977: Radio Aut”. To create a …
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Ludum Dare 39: Trump Card

Screenshot of "Trump Card"
“Trump Card” by SideSplitter & rtsonneveld. “Do you think you can make better decisions than Donald Trump? […] [In this simulation game] you are […] [the president of the United States].” “Trump Card” is a pretty accurate ‘simulation’ game, where…
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Resist Jam: The Lights Were Off

Screenshot of "The Lights Were Off"
“The Lights Were Off” by Franklin’s Ghost. “[I]nteractive eductional game about the Carnation Revolution[.]” This little quiz game called “The Lights Were Off” is so delightful. First of all, you will be confronted with a short text about the …
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Resist Jam: Wake Up

Screenshot of "Wake Up"
“Wake Up” by Inverge Studios (Anna Fabrés Martí, Javier Gerona, Ana Martínez Alemañ, Pablo Martínez, Vicente Quesada & Jorge Quesada), Alexey Anisimov & Carlos Estella. “A normal person living in a not so normal country. …
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Global Game Jam 2017: Relay

Screenshot of "Relay"
“Relay” by Cezary Skorupka, Krzysztof Gnutek, Jakub Witczak & Andrzej Dominowski. “Your job is to listen in to people’s conversations and report any unlawful and politically incorrect activities.” Be patient and report any suspicious conversations to your employer, …
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