it’s like pong BUT

Screenshot of "it's like pong BUT"
“it’s like pong BUT” by Luis Díaz Peralta. “[It is] a [“Pong”] clone[, but] three random gameplay modifiers are added to each match. Sometimes it produces fun and fair games. Sometimes the result is just a messy …
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Screenshot of "ARCADE OVERFLOW"
“ARCADE OVERFLOW” by Remco Burema. “Play with multiple games at once, except they all ‘listen’ to the same keys. […] Games are paused when no key is pressed.“ While many arcade games followed a simple game design and control …
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Mini Ludum Dare 58: Blorf Pong

Screenshot of "Blorf Pong"
“Blorf Pong” by Charlotte Gore. “Hopefully the very worst, most unplayable, most vomit inducing pong clone ever.” Hey there. Do you like motion sickness? No? Good. Then you will hate “Blorf Pong” for obvious reasons. The whole level moves …
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Mini Ludum Dare 58: TETRONG

Screenshot of "TETRONG"
“TETRONG” by Daniël Haazen. “P[ong] mixed with T[etris] […]! Use the falling blocks as paddles, but don’t forget to put them in the right place!” Are you suffering from retronostalgiamashupiritis? “TETRONG” – a mix of “Tetris” and “Pong” – …
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Ludum Dare 30: One Ship Two Ship Redshift Blueshift

Screenshot of "One Ship Two Ship Redshift Blueshift"
“One Ship Two Ship Redshift Blueshift” by Will Blanton. “[A] vicious hyper-violent tournament-style pong-like[.]” Woah. “One Ship Two Ship Redshift Blueshift” is an action-filled, fast-paced “Pong”-like fighting game between two spaceships with rockets. And if you want to, you …
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