Game In A Week 2: Purgatorium

Screenshot of "Purgatorium"
“Purgatorium” by Zenry Matsuoka & Jakob Schuster. “A short puzzle game about ascending through purgatory and coming back to life. Journey through all the levels of the underworld to make it back to the land of the living by manipulating …
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Ludum Dare 32: Blink Gun

Screenshot of "Blink Gun"
“Blink Gun” by Jan Ilavsky. “[A] puzzle platformer where you control [a] small white square character trying to reach the exit. You will use [a] special kind of weapon which enables you to switch places with black boxes. Not …
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Ludum Dare 32: Mass-X

Screenshot of "Mass-X"
“Mass-X” by Charlotte Gore. “[A] weapon that lets you swap your physical location with entities of equivalent mass. You kill them with their own bullets[.]” Take possession of robots, make your way through neat platformer levels and enjoy the …
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