Antenna Dilemma

Screenshot of "Antenna Dilemma"
“Antenna Dilemma” by Goloso Games & Philip Aldous. “[A] short and witty [point and click game] in which [you will] follow the story of C432632, a finicky grey cube that sure [does not] want to miss his favorite [television] …
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Ludum Dare 38: Ant Detective

Screenshot of "Ant Detective"
“Ant Detective” by 2Bit Studios (Michael Abdoo, Luke Bermingham, Andrew Joy, Matthew Joy, Sayuri Nagata & Adam Rehn) & Aidan Possemiers. “[The ant detective Kowalski] is fresh out of rehab and ready to tackle the colony’s dirty criminal underbelly.” “Ant …
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Resist Jam: Wake Up

Screenshot of "Wake Up"
“Wake Up” by Inverge Studios (Anna Fabrés Martí, Javier Gerona, Ana Martínez Alemañ, Pablo Martínez, Vicente Quesada & Jorge Quesada), Alexey Anisimov & Carlos Estella. “A normal person living in a not so normal country. …
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Talking Simulator: nuprahtor

Talking Simulator: Nuprahtor
When you play the games made by nuprahtor, you might have the impression that they are made by a crazy, even mad person: They often involve war scenarios, they are about living guns as well as obscure, spooky …
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Ludum Dare 37: Behind The Wallpaper

Screenshot of "Behind The Wallpaper"
“Behind The Wallpaper” by Stefan Srb. “[A] short […] [visual novel] about a [family] that has to hide in a time of discrimination and war […] in a single room.” “Behind The Wallpaper” is simply one of the best …
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Ludum Dare 36: Telegrapher

Screenshot of "Telegrapher"
“Telegrapher” by jackyjjc. “Telegraph[s are] a new technology in the country. Therefore, the [M]inistry of [T]ruth is looking for someone to operate it. Fortunately or not, you are being selected.” What I like about “Telegrapher” is the successful transfer …
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