GMTK Game Jam 2019: One Screen Border

Screenshot of "One Screen Border"
“One Screen Border” by Spleeen. “Puzzle around the game’s border, which blocks your every move.” With “One Screen Border”, a real brain twister awaits you. All the dotted tiles of this forest cannot be seen by your character, therefore, you…
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Chess Jam: Rooky Moves

Screenshot of "Rooky Moves"
“Rooky Moves” by 8BitLlama. “You are the kingdom’s new rookie rook recruit. Determined, you decide to depart on an adventure to establish your honor. Are you skilled enough to slide through the pesky pawns, precarious pitfalls, and perplexing puzzles in…
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Mini Ludum Dare 50: GBSenku

Screenshot of "GBSenku"
“GBSenku” by Miguel Sánchez. “A little […] game based [on] Senku (Peg Solitaire) with [Game Boy] colors[.]” One stone can jump over another one if the next tile is free, the bypassed stone will disappear afterwards. Can you manage …
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Ludum Dare 28: Tall Grass

Screenshot of "Tall Grass"
“Tall Grass” by Felipe Dal Molin & Cauafs. “You gotta catch them all, says the TV[.] […] But your personal urges are different. You just want to have one true good friend. Someone to play ball with and adventure into …
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Cyberpunk Jam: Night City Jump

Screenshot of "Night City Jump"
“Night City Jump” by Miguel Sánchez. “Your work: [S]teal [and] escape[.]” “Night City Jump” is a quite brain hurting puzzle game, which forces you to be very foresightful. I love what’s possible with PuzzleScript. >>PLAY…
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Candy Jam: Sticky Candy Puzzle Saga

Screenshot of "Sticky Candy Puzzle Saga"
“Sticky Candy Puzzle Saga” by Alan Hazelden. The title says it all, doesn’t it? Anyway, I love the twist of “Sticky Candy Puzzle Saga”. Unlike ordinary switch puzzles, you will need here to take care about two things: First, …
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