Ludum Dare 40: Tentagraba

Screenshot of "Tentagraba"
“Tentagraba” by Vincent Schneider. “Help our [octopus] friend [grabbing] the ceiling to reach the bowl on the other side of the […] [molten lava]! To do so, press and hold the letter keys displayed next to the grab points that…
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Global Game Jam 2017: Cheertastic

Screenshot of "Cheertastic"
“Cheertastic” by Colette Paugame, Léo Pierot, Tara Quinsac & Florent Chardevel. “[You are] a princess. Your goal [is to be] loved by everyone. This means you have to learn to recognize your audience and discover the hand …
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Ludum Dare 36: The Eating Machine

Screenshot of "The Eating Machine"
“The Eating Machine” by ValiaP. “[A] physic[s] game with silent film aesthetics.” “The Eating Machine” is a hilarious “QWOP”-like game where you have to feed the famous silent film actor Charlie Chaplin with the help of an odd …
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Ludum Dare 35: Wobble Yoga

Screenshot of "Wobble Yoga"
“Wobble Yoga” by Jenny Jiao Hsia. In “Wobble Yoga”, you have to use your best “QWOP” skills to find inner peace. You need to stretch your wrists, elbows, legs, knees and even your torso to imitate the showed yoga …
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Ludum Dare 33: Takodemon

Screenshot of "Takodemon"
“Takodemon” by Jan Ilavsky. “[A] game about [a] small monster which moves by inflating and deflating parts of her body.” The minimalistic art style combined with the “QWOP”-like control scheme nearly begs me to sympathize with the cute …
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Indies VS PewDiePie: Puppeteer Police

Screenshot of "Puppeteer Police"
“Puppeteer Police” by Constantin Graf. “You play the first ever robotic police officer and have to save Placeholder City from […] a gang of wobbly assassins[.] […] You control your character by dragging the different nodes around, it works …
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