Linux Game Jam 2017: Retro Island War

Screenshot of "Retro Island War"
“Retro Island War” by David St-Louis. “Save [the] crew and build [your] army.” The behavior of the computer opponent in “Retro Island War” is well-implemented, making the game quite challenging, as your enemies will take advantage of any wrong, …
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Ludum Dare 34: Sanctuary Station

Screenshot of "Sanctuary Station"
“Sanctuary Station” by Daan Broekhof. “As a benevolent [artificial intelligence] you travel the subspace folds, listening for emergency broadcasts. Where needed, you jump in and assist; and your station grows ever larger…” The amusement offered by “Sanctuary Station” – …
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Ludum Dare 34: Full Metal Democracy

Screenshot of "Full Metal Democracy"
“Full Metal Democracy” by Sébastien Bénard. “[Spread] peace with heavily armed giant mechs.” Do you feel the lust for destruction and saving at the same time? In “Full Metal Democracy” you need to free an area from an infection with …
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Ludum Dare 29: The Sea Has No Claim

Screenshot of "The Sea Has No Claim"
“The Sea Has No Claim” by Lucas Pope. “One plane with [forty-five] passengers onboard. Lost in [six hundred forty-eight square kilometer] of ocean. Find it.” “The Sea Has No Claim” is an amazing resource management game with neat logic …
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Ludum Dare 31: The Screening

Screenshot of "The Screening"
“The Screening” by Daniele Giardini, Gaetano Leonardi & Luigi di Guida. “You are tasked with the screening of the best subjects for each mission [we will] give you. […] You will have to succeed through [five] random …
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Ludum Dare 32: bloodshot

Screenshot of "bloodshot"
“bloodshot” by rogueNoodle. “[There is] something about your blood [and] the reaction they have to it… [It] just might be enough to hold them off.” “bloodshot” is not one of those average third-person shooters, since it focuses on resource …
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