Resist Jam: The Lights Were Off

Screenshot of "The Lights Were Off"
“The Lights Were Off” by Franklin’s Ghost. “[I]nteractive eductional game about the Carnation Revolution[.]” This little quiz game called “The Lights Were Off” is so delightful. First of all, you will be confronted with a short text about the …
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Resist Jam: Treasure Chest #23

Treasure Chest #23
“Romantic” by Anil Demir, John Elliott & Maciej Połczyński. This fantastically looking prototype of an interactive novel features the story about a small family, where the father has to go to jail because of his political activities. “Press Corpse”…
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Resist Jam: (Un)Marked

Screenshot of "(Un)Marked"
“(Un)Marked” by Oddly Shaped Pixels (Renaud Despinois) & Le Gone. “[A] game […] about conflict, racism, violence with mechanics mixing [artificial intelligence], agency and emergent behaviours.” First of all, I am stunned by all the content inside of …
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Resist Jam: Treasure Chest #22

Treasure Chest #22
“Bleat The Wolf” by Jules Langran, Nat Cooper, James Provan, Joseph Clark & Michael Bowerman. Figure out how you can bring the sheep to vote for you, the llama, instead of the dangerous wolf. “FACTS AND FUTURES”…
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Resist Jam: Wake Up

Screenshot of "Wake Up"
“Wake Up” by Inverge Studios (Anna Fabrés Martí, Javier Gerona, Ana Martínez Alemañ, Pablo Martínez, Vicente Quesada & Jorge Quesada), Alexey Anisimov & Carlos Estella. “A normal person living in a not so normal country. …
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Resist Jam: CATALYST

Screenshot of "CATALYST"
“CATALYST” by Eric Howard & Christian H. Masse. “Hold back the darkness that [is] taking over your town. Recruit others in the cause. The more people you have fighting back, the stronger your message is. Appeal to your fellow …
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Resist Jam: Treasure Chest #21

Treasure Chest #21
“Unloop” by Alex Shaw, Hugo Passarinho & Ben Greensmith. In this point and click adventure, two scientists discover time travel, but it is not as safe as they thought it would be. “FakeBook” by Renan Vieira & Pedro Antunes.…
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Resist Jam: shhh

Screenshot of "shhh"
“shhh” by Luis Díaz Peralta & Celer Gutierrez. “People will express what they think and you […] may choose to suppress those thoughts. Based on what you do (and what you [do not] do) citizens’ opinions will change (as …
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