Ludum Dare 40: Ignorance is Bliss

Screenshot of "Ignorance is Bliss"
“Ignorance is Bliss” by Aurel Bílý & Eido Volta. “You take control of an [artificial intelligence called AICO,] which oversees the surveillance of the city Metro via [a] console. You are investigating a possible rebellion. [Surveil] the city for a …
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Resist Jam: The Lights Were Off

Screenshot of "The Lights Were Off"
“The Lights Were Off” by Franklin’s Ghost. “[I]nteractive eductional game about the Carnation Revolution[.]” This little quiz game called “The Lights Were Off” is so delightful. First of all, you will be confronted with a short text about the …
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Mini Ludum Dare 53: Surveillance Warrior

Screenshot of "Surveillance Warrior"
“Surveillance Warrior” by pancakemetro & S. Duda. “You are tasked with keeping the campus safe and free of graffiti the night before an important politician visits! Analyze the cameras for intruders! Send cop squads to deal with odd shadows! Send…
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Ludum Dare 32: fateOS

Screenshot of "fateOS"
“fateOS” by Luiz Roveran, Thommaz Kauffmann, Núria Pratginestós, Piero Kauffmann & Victor Leão. “[An] interactive novel based [on] the Arab Spring and the use of information as a weapon.” It is exciting to see what information can lead to …
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