Pirate Jam 2020: Deepdive

Screenshot of "Deepdive"
“Deepdive” by Free Lives, Sam Alfred, Evan Greenwood & Jarred Lunt. “[A] short procedurally generated diving roguelike about exploring the depths. Manage your oxygen, scan new species of fish, mine minerals, explore the depths, but be careful not …
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Burning Knight

Screenshot of "Burning Knight"
“Burning Knight” by Egor Dorichev. “Steal everything you can and flee from the Burning Knight’s castle in this action-packed roguelike!” Egor Dorichev is a master of the game juice, and he shows off his talents with the first public …
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7DRL Challenge 2020: CATSTLE

Screenshot of "CATSTLE"
“CATSTLE” by Johannes Fornaeus. “P[lay as a nameless brave cat on a quest to defeat the evil knight Suris to get back the stolen fish! Collect fish to gain health and slay the minions and beat the evil knight]!”…
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Circadian Dice

Screenshot of "Circadian Dice"
“Circadian Dice” by Sanny Syberfeldt, Erik Sjöstrand, Björn Berg Marklund, Arslan Tursic & Patrik Erlandsson. “While the heroes and their dice are restored to normal after each scenario (whether they die or succeed), any upgrades, relics, abilities, and modifiers …
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Finally Finish Something 2020: Skeletris

Screenshot of "Skeletris"
“Skeletris” by Ghast. “The outpost has lost contact with Skeletris, the central skeleton city. And creatures in the wilderness are acting strangely. Make your way to the city, find out what’s happened, and use your wits to defeat the unknown …
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Nowhere Prophet

Screenshot of "Nowhere Prophet"
“Nowhere Prophet” by Sharkbomb Studios (Martin Nerurkar), Anjin Anhut, Georg Hobmeier, Claude Fehlen, Brenden Gibbons, Casey Parkhurst, Jack Allen, Martin Buntz, Mike Beaton, Steffen Reichelt, Lawrence Steele, Syndrone & No More …
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Screenshot of "Nauticrawl"
“Nauticrawl” by Andrea Interguglielmi, Ben Jones & David Orr. “In a grasp for salvation with sentinels closing in, you’ve stolen a Nauticrawl. […] [Y]ou realize [that you] don’t know how to move this hunk of metal… If the …
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Dicey Dungeons

Screenshot of "Dicey Dungeons"
“Dicey Dungeons” by Terry Cavanagh, Marlowe Dobbe, Niamh Houston, Justo Delgado Baudí, Dana Trebella & Holly Gramazio. “In this […] deckbuilding roguelike […] you’ll fight monsters, find better loot, and level up your heroes as …
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Awful Summer Jam 2018: IIslands of War

Screenshot of "IIslands of War"
“IIslands of War” by jwiggs. “A tactical roguelite where you must construct and battle floating islands made of [oversized] blocks of earth. […] [They] have cannons[,] […] lasers[,] […] shields and floatrons to keep them afloat. Go about exploring a …
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