Ludum Dare 45: Paint Rush

Screenshot of "Paint Rush"
“Paint Rush” by Louis Denizet, Romain Rope, Mathieu Clavel & Alexandre Magnat. “Crush devilish [enemies] against grounds and doors to paint your way through the game, and understand the contours of this world that seems hidden to …
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GMTK Game Jam 2019: YODO

Screenshot of "YODO"
“YODO” by Theophile Garnier, Thomas Lean & Romain Rope. “A cursed puzzle game with a [die.]” There is only one rule that this puzzle game imposes on its players: You can kill the red flames and proceed to …
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Ludum Dare 42: Treasure Chest #79

Treasure Chest #79
“California Jane” by Sylvain Guerrero, Boris Warembourg, Pauline Grassi, Robin Chafoin & Jean Werkling. A charmingly designed puzzle adventure in a desert ruin awaits you here. Mummies come back to life again and the walls drift towards …
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POT-AU-JEU 1: Treasure Chest #68

Treasure Chest #68
“PATIENCE” by ElefantCat (Charles Hilbey & Jean Roukas) & √ądouard Cour. I hate hospitals, but the more involved I felt while trying out this strange game. Although my French skills are extremely low, I think I have understood …
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