Major Jam 1: Ghost Roulette

Screenshot of "Ghost Roulette"
“Ghost Roulette” by Jon Topielski. “[A deck-building] game where you gamble with ghosts over the dark web[.]” “Ghost Roulette” is one of those special jam entries that know how to perfectly mix up two opposite concepts together, in this …
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Ludum Dare 41: Roulette Knight

Screenshot of "Roulette Knight"
“Roulette Knight” by Four Quarters team (Dmitry Karimov, Alexander Goryeslavets, Alexander Vartazaryan & Dmitry Lagutov). “Shoot your way [through] the hoards of bullets! […] [Role-playing game meets] Russian roulette.” “Roulette Knight” is a masterpiece of a genre …
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Ludum Dare 40: One for sorrow

Screenshot of "One for sorrow"
“One for sorrow“ by David Aguado, Alex T. Colombini, Vicent Ramirez & Juan Novella. In “One for sorrow”, roulette meets “Darkest Dungeon”, as a small magpie man finds a spinning top lying around and …
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