The HEART JAM: Duck Jam

Screenshot of "Duck Jam"
“Duck Jam” by Adam Worrell, Thimz, Grant Brown & Oscar Gonzalez. “[A] flurry of [minigames,] all lasting [five] seconds each. […] Each game is […] independent from each other[.] […] What keeps them all […] together is …
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40 Hours Game Jam: Roboleton

Screenshot of "Roboleton"
“Roboleton” by Francis Vace. “Roboleton” might be one of the hardest runner games I ever saw made for a game jam, even though you can reach a checkpoint after every ten seconds. Some stages are downright frustrating, but the …
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Destruction JAM: Like the Wind

Screenshot of "Like the Wind"
“Like the Wind” by Andrew C. Wang & kayupla. “Escape from imminent destruction in this trippy, tentacle-filled, [fully destructive], button-mashing runner. Follow the helicopter to the evacuation zone and jump onto it to escape. Try to save as many …
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Ludum Dare 40: Manage Your Stuff

Screenshot of "Manage Your Stuff"
“Manage Your Stuff” by Hannes Rahm, Fredrik Holma Melén, Rob Watling, Afe & Jake. In “Manage Your Stuff” you have to fight against waves of enemies with all the weapons that you have in your inventory. You …
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Ludum Dare 38: DONATA

Screenshot of "DONATA"
“DONATA” by Garlic Kisses (René Rother & Sarah Marie Hiebl). What can games be? What should games be? How can the player interact with the game besides the average control schemes? “DONATA” asks those questions in a weird, …
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Ludum Dare 35: Glyph Morpheus

Screenshot of "Glyph Morpheus"
“Glyph Morpheus” by Ted Brown. “[A] fever dream of a runner game. Morph your three-dimensional bit vessel into the proper glyph so it may pass through the [sixty-four] gates of [c]ore [l]ogic, which wind and curve around themselves[.]” Damn …
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Ludum Dare 34: Pete and the Beanstalk

Screenshot of "Pete and the Beanstalk"
“Pete and the Beanstalk” by SeriousCreeper. “You control Pete by either teleporting to the left or right side of the beanstalk and by jumping to reach flowers for extra points.” “Pete and the Beanstalk” is a pretty addictive endless …
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Ludum Dare 29: Ripple Runner

Screenshot of "Ripple Runner"
“Ripple Runner” by DDRKirby(ISQ). “Run through [three] levels, using your water-bending “ripple” ability. Obstacles are synced to the music!” I love this, and so will all fans of “BIT.TRIP RUNNER” among you. Every jump you do is exactly timed …
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