Screenshot of "Inked"
“Inked” by Somnium Games (Edi Ferhatović, Matej Orlić, Barbara Orlić, Andrej Bodružić, Vlado Tašner, Denis Huber, Marko Pavliško, Lovro Golac, Lavro Vukić & Neven Lujo), Bryan Olson & Pixmain (TszWai Lam, Katrina Zhao, RuiPeng Jia, TianCheng Yan, …
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GBJAM 7: Mystical Samurai

Screenshot of "Mystical Samurai"
“Mystical Samurai” by Daniel Moreno & Paltian. “[An] action platformer game[.]” I am absolutely amazed by the retro feeling that “Mystical Samurai” is able to invoke. The sprites really nail the Game Boy aesthetics perfectly, the soundtrack is top-notch, …
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Ludum Dare 26: Katana Senpou

Screenshot of "Katana Senpou"
“Katana Senpou” by Pedro Medeiros. “This game is a tribute to the games that I liked when I was young, so all the Japanese text and voice (and even the [title]!) make absolutely no sense.” “Katana Senpou” is a …
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Ludum Dare 29: Yojimbrawl!

Screenshot of "Yojimbrawl!"
“Yojimbrawl!” by Free Lives (Evan Greenwood, Dawid Strauss, Deon van Heerden, Stuart Coutts & Ruan Rothmann). “After dying you return slightly buffed, until your graves are filled up.” Hell yes, “Yojimbrawl!” could be named “Yojimbo…
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